Fix-It: a story of some Coulson, some doughnuts, and some fixing.


 It was very wise of you to decide to return. (…) There was something inappropriate in your absence.
- Max Frei, ‘The Volunteers of Eternity’.


FIX-IT (fandom term, adj.) - a descriptive epithet for a fan fiction, that fixes something in original, canon version of mentioned events. E.g., fiction can fix marriage, romantic notions, unreleased tension.
Or even death.
COULSON EVENT (fact) - also known as Schrödinger Coulson; the only thing in Marvel’s The Avengers you can really spoil.
DOUGHNUT (noun, specific) - also known as ‘donut’; a type of fried dough confectionery or dessert food. Symbolizes peaceful eternity in its sweetest form. Fondly associated with better side of Jörmungandr in some religions.

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Worked on this for nearly a month, on my own, after the working hours; still, I hope my lack of time didn’t have way too much influence on the quality of the finished story… 
I feel like I need to mention my working soundtrack.
These songs truly helped me in painting this))

Nina Hagen, “Right On Time” [listen here]
The National, “Mistaken For Strangers” [listen here]
Esben and the Witch, “Marching Song” [listen here]
Abney Park, “Evil Man” [listen here]
Katzenjammer, “Land Of Confusion” [listen here
Soul Coughing, “Unmarked Helicopters” [listen here
Tom Waits, “New Coat Of Paint” [listen here]

How did he manage that disguise?


for those of u who are not yet convince

This convinced me all over again.

Apparently there is a petition to cancel Ultimate Spider-Man.

I don’t understand that kind of hatred for a show. Yes, it’s corny as hell, but if you don’t like it don’t watch it.

Seriously all I can think when people complain about how terrible it is and how they want it canceled is:


Oh did it say abyss? Could have sworn I read ‘angels’…


Oh did it say abyss? Could have sworn I read ‘angels’…

Do people LIKE the ‘Doctor WHO’ pun?




Not really, no.

A part of me dies every time someone does that. I was cringing by the end of the episode oh god.

I don’t know, I don’t see the problem with it. It seems like kind of a cute way of hearkening back to how the first time he was called Doctor to his face, he responded with “Doctor Who?”

No? Just me? Okay.

I don’t mind it either. 

Gosh I love the lack of air conditioning.

No one needs air conditioned dorms! I don’t, the nausea and dizzyness will pass as will the blurred vision. I don’t have heat exhaustion I’m perfectly fine!

theclockworklady replied to your post: Out of Print? Thanks Professor!

Try to find another copy for resale somewhere?

A classmate found a web version that I can use… I just can’t believe she still wants to use this book despite the fact that it is, for all intents and purposes, no longer in existence.

Out of Print? Thanks Professor!

So my Poetry Workshop Professor assigned a textbook that is out of print. She knows this and rather than assign a new book she instead insists we still need the book. The bookstore does have some copies but not enough for the class so we have to buddy up with someone. I don’t do “Buddy up” so this should be fun.


Faits sur les Mythbusters.


Faits sur les Mythbusters.